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i’m on a seafood diet. i only eat seafood

that’s not how the joke goes lmao

do my weight loss goals seem like a fucking joke to you

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got these skinny jeans on


cant bend my knees 

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Age: 17

Occupation: Dancing Queen

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date me its for a school project 

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job interviewer: so…tell me a little about yourself :)
me: sure. i’m a virgo, INTJ, i love tank tops oh my god did you see the Anaconda video? that changed my life!
interviewer: bitch me too! the fuck. you got the job

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when you really hate the fuck out of someone but you cant say shit because everyone else loves them and you know deep down in your cold dead heart that they’re a terrible person


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i don’t get cats because when you yell at them they don’t act ashamed and sad they just don’t care


*doesn’t check bank account*
*pretends everything is fine*

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Anonymous asked: Are you actually going to release your nudes?


I’ve never been nude in my entire life when I was born I came out wearing an overall and a cute lil hat


in study period today a guy sitting next to me was reading mockingjay and he kinda just whispered what the fuck to himself

and then again, a lil more angrily, what the fUCK

And he flicked back about seven or so pages and then went back to his spot and went ‘no’

and I know exactly which frickin part he was reading lemme tell u

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ive decided to move out sooner than i originally planned